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About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

OceanAir group sets ambitious targets to improve our team, our company structures and services delivery standards.



OceanAir Group insure that all aspects of our business conduct is in compliance with all legal, regulatory, observance of common standards and rules. This is essential for our company as well as our partners and customers.
Compliance relies on each OceanAir Group team member and our high expectations are managed on daily basis using our internal Code of Conducts as a cornerstone of this commitment.
Values respect is not a negotiable aspect of our business.


OceanAir Group services are built around strict and comprehensive internal Standard Operation Process (SOP).
These SOP allow OceanAir Group to deliver high quality standards on daily basis fulfilling its customers and partners requirements.
Anticipating future developments and needs, OceanAir group management aims to meet the highest quality standards in future years and to obtain ISO 9001 international certification.

Safety and health

OceanAir Group expects its people to always deliver the best service and experience possible for its customers.
As well, safety and health remain at the center of OceanAir group management process.This applies not only for our team member, but also for the community.
OceanAir Group sets annual goals to educate its team member, review risks and control process application.


OceanAir Group includes environment respect in its development strategy for the next years, looking for low-impact transport and logistics solutions, offices energy consumption management and we are aiming to obtain in the future ISO 14001 environmental international certification as reward for our continuous efforts.


OceanAir Group insure that each service and products is in compliance with cargo and people security.
Whatever is the area concerned, OceanAir group sets measures to reduce unlawful acts at the minimum possible.
Offices, warehouses and third party selection are managed by OceanAir group to allow its customers to focus on their business development in a stable environment.

DGR Goods management

Our team and solutions are here to insure DGR goods are transported, stored, handled in full respect of local and international regulations.
Our people have the skills and regular training to deliver our customers and partners a robust, safe and stable service.
Regulations reviews and key staffs training are set on regular basis to allow our team to remain up to date and stay ahead of competition.